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Irrigation Nigeria Project: PPP Approach

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Agriculture, General Manufacturing for MSMEs


The Irrigation Nigeria Project was conceptualised in view of the need for
efficient use and management of the available water resources in Nigeria,
especially in the face of erratic changes in rainfall regime due to climate change.
The project is aimed at increasing the productive use of arable lands especially in
the northern region of the country where there is increasing incidence of drought.
The PIC is collaborating with Aqua Industrial s.r.o and ABO Valves s.r.o, to
establish an Irrigation Equipment Manufacturing Plant and Valves & Fittings
Manufacturing Company in Nigeria, through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
The Partnership is to create the right incentives for more elaborate private sector
involvement, through shared risks and responsibilities.

➢ Introduce a framework for financial sustainability of irrigation
infrastructure in the country and for greater efficiency in the use of water
resources and their conservation through the involvement of farmer
stakeholders and private sector participation in major aspects the design,
construction, operations, distribution, and maintenance
➢ Implement and maintain an integrated irrigation network for providing
water to farmers for year-round multiple cropping
➢ Amalgamate various ongoing Federal and State Government irrigation
schemes and programs with a view to deliver outcomes that would ensure
efficiency at the farm level and in return achieve economy of scale.


Official Announcement of Results of Successful Applicants on Delta-2 Programme Czech-Nigeria Bilateral Co-funding R&D Projects for Year 2023

Two hundred and eighty-five (285) project proposals were received from registered companies and researchers in Nigeria in response to the call. Following the evaluation of the proposals received, twenty-five (25) Nigerian-registered companies met the criteria set by the Assessment Committee, leading to the announcement of the top 25 projects to be funded in the year 2023 on the 4th Call of the Delta-2 Programme.

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