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DELTA 2 funding program for applied research, experimental development, and innovation


The DELTA 2 support program for applied research, experimental development, and innovation between the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) and the Presidential Implementation Committee (PIC) on Technology Transfer, represented by the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) in Nigeria is hereby announced. Joint R&D projects will be focused on specific outcomes in the field of applied research, i.e., they will lead to attaining new findings and skills for the development of new or significantly improved products, processes, or services, and new products, processes, or services. Beneficiaries are expected to develop applied results.

The Programme is expected to run from 2020 to 2025. The call for proposals in applied research, experimental development and innovation for selecting projects eligible for the Programme will first be announced in 2019. Subsequent calls for proposals are expected to be announced annually from 2020 until 2023. The estimated implementation period of a project is 36 months. The duration of a project shall not exceed the duration of the Programme itself.

The DELTA 2 Programme focuses on supporting cooperation in applied research (including industrial research, experimental development or a combination of the two) using joint projects of Czech enterprises and research organisations supported by TA CR and NIGERIAN participants, with the expected (but not implicitly imperative) support of technology and innovation by NASENI. The designated projects will aim at specific outputs in applied research, i.e. they will lead to the acquisition of new findings and skills for the development of new or substantially improved products, processes or services and to the creation of new products, processes or services. The selected projects shall respond to the current and future needs NIGERIA.

The Programme’s objective is to increase the number of specific results in those areas of applied research where there is a conformity with a foreign partner; such results will be implemented in practice, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprises and research organisations involved through the bilateral, or multilateral, cooperation of Czech and NIGERIAN participants. This objective will be achieved through support for joint projects implemented by applicants from the Czech Republic and from those areas which are promising for NIGERIA.

• The maximum number of projects fundable under the current call for proposals under the Nigerian-Czech joint call is twenty five (25).
• The grant is provided on the basis of matching funding requirement.
• Should the project be found to be disqualified from the interim evaluations, NASENI may retrieve the unused government funding.
• Funding will be awarded with maximum support intensity of 70%.
• Eligible project costs include: New equipment, Materials, Personnel costs, Subcontracting or consulting, IP protection, and travels for the purpose of the project.

The TA CR and NASENI will fund the respective nationals in the selected consortia in accordance with their national/regional funding rules. Supplementary funding may come from participant’s own resources should the total project cost exceed the government funding. Matching fund is the basis of the funding scheme but flexibility in the funding ratio may be allowed depending on the roles each participant undertakes.